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Do you need a personal or professional Web site?

I can design and develop a Web site to suit your requirements. I can help you to acquire a domain name and can arrange cost-effective, reliable Web hosting. I can install, update, and maintain your Web site if you desire, or can teach you how to do it. I specialize in Dreamweaver site development.

Here are some examples of sites I've developed, several of which I currently maintain as Webmaster.

History Flight

History Flight is an organization that uses extreme fun and education as a means to raise revenue to support worldwide searches for American service members who have been listed as Missing In Action (MIA) since World War II. They barnstorm the eastern United States every summer with several meticulously restored and maintained WWII-vintage aircraft (two North American T-6s, a Navy N2S Stearman biplane, and the only H-model B-25 still flying). For a donation, you can get the ride of your life in any of these aircraft, and the revenue that History Flight generates from this business is used to search for MIAs in Europe and the Pacific. Visit History Flight at http://www.historyflight.com

Fidelity Flight Simulation

In its first two years, Fidelity became the industry leader in affordable full-motion flight simulation. Full-motion simulators like the airlines use to train their flight crews can cost tens of millions of dollars. Fidelity's Motus™ simulators have six-degree-of-freedom motion systems, and provide essentially the same training benefits to flight schools and regional jet carriers, for a small fraction of the cost. And they're pretty cool devices, too! Visit the site that I designed at http://www.fidelityflight.com.

The BentProp Project

This is an organization in which I've participated for the past several years. It has a mission in which I deeply believe: to locate and identify sites in the western Pacific Ocean where US airmen, still listed as MIA (Missing in Action), presumably lost their lives while defending us during World War II. Expeditions to the Republic of Palau in the western Caroline Islands (about 500 miles east of the Philippines) involve searches both underwater and in the jungles for aircraft crash sites that may contain the remains of these missing airmen. Visit the team's Web site at http://www.bentprop.org.

Pittsburgh Radiant

Here's a company that's a spinoff from Allgreen (above). They can help you create a sidewalk or driveway that will always be clear of ice and snow with no shoveling, or they can help you build an entire house with radiant-heated floors. And they can help you decide on insulation for that house that will keep the heat inside during the winter, and outside during the summer. Their site is at http://www.pittsburghradiant.com.

Ugandan Gold Premium™ Coffee

CEED (the Christain East-African and Equatorial Development Trust), a group from the Pittsburgh area, got together several years ago to raise money and donate their time to helping a group in a terribly poverty-stricken area in western Uganda to acquire some land for use as a coffee plantation. They've made the plantation happen - it now employs roughly 60 people who would otherwise have no source of income. CEED volunteers arrange for export of the coffee beans to the U.S., and roasting, grinding, packaging, marketing, and distributing the coffee. All CEED labor is donated, so after the cost of transportation, roasting and grinding, and packaging the coffee is deducted, all remaining revenue goes directly back to the coffee farm on the slopes of the Wembabya river in Uganda. You can also buy Ugandan Gold Premium coffee on-line, at a Web site that I volunteered to create and maintain. You'll find the site at http://www.ugandangold.com.

Superior Contractors

Superior Contractors Inc. is a full-service remodeling and building contractor.that can handle any size project, from a several-room addition to remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms and finishing that basement space that you've always wanted to make livable. They're also experienced, expert deck designers and builders. You can visit Superior Contractors at http://www.pasuperiorcontractors.com.

Musical Stuff


My first Web site was a site devoted primarily to a special interest of mine: a barbershop in which I spent some of the best times of my life. Its name was Hourglass. We sang together for a little over 6 years, and had a pretty widespread following in western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and southern Michigan.

We made two recordings, both of which are available in several record stores and book stores in the Pittsburgh area, and which are also available via mail order (now at a discount price!). There's ordering information on the quartet's Web site, which I hope you'll visit.

At the Hourglass site, you'll find information about Hourglass, of course, and about ordering our recordings. You'll also find out a bit about the uniquely American art form of the "barbershop quartet," and about the Barbershop Harmony Society, whose purpose is to preserve this wonderful musical medium.

Crossroads Quartet

My current quartet, Crossroads, is a mixed quartet (two male and two female voices). But we're actually sometimes a quintet, when we add a third female voice. Although we do a little barbershop, we concentrate more on jazz, pop, and doo-wop. We performed for attendees of the Four Freshmen Society's annual convention when it was held in Pittsburgh.

Johnny Appleseed District

For the past several years (since its inception, actually), I've had the honor of designing and maintaining the official Web site for SPEBSQSA's Johnny Appleseed District. SPEBSQSA stands for the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America. JAD is one of 16 districts in the USA. It comprises all of Ohio and West Virginia, and the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania. Visit the site and learn about the district's chapters, news of district events, and more.

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