at the crossroads
of a cappella

Harmony at the crossroads of a cappella!

Crossroads, formed in 2006, is an a cappella ensemble from the Pittsburgh area that traces its a cappella roots to barbershop harmony, but focuses its musical attention on jazz and doo-wop music, with a little pop, barbershop and gospel thrown in for good measure.

Drawing from our love of such great groups as The Four Freshman, Hi-Lo's, and Sha Na Na, Crossroads is dedicated to preserving a cappella music of all varieties and entertaining audiences with tender love songs, high-energy doo-wop, and some comedy. But we have a strong devotion to the close harmonies and lush chord structures prevalent in a cappella music.

Crossroads was featured at the 2006 Four Freshmen Society Convention Jam Session in Pittsburgh.

Crossroads is currently inactive as a group. Thanks for asking!


Crossroads Quartet